Okay, calmn down there for a bit. Breathe. (and maybe go to sleep, if you can)

I’m not sure if you’re serious or not but just to be sure…


And I’m sorry if I caused any extra anxiety for you or anyone else with this!

The content of the jar is smashed, frozen strawberries. Man = short for mansikka = Finnish word for strawberry. You can all look it up on the dictionary if you don’t believe me.

I like strawberries and make a lot of these every summer and I’m lazy and don’t want to write the whole word in all hundred boxes so I shorten it. As I said in the description of the pic, the labeling might be confusing if you don’t know Finnish. (but it’s something that makes me snicker a bit, because apparently my sense of humour is like that, so I thought I’d share..)


  1. garbagel said: oh gosh i wasn’t having any anxiety or anything omg I just failed at being funny thats all xD thank you for your response though, it was extremely kind and understanding but really I was just freaking out and trying to be funny but failing. xD
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